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Dry Eye Therapy is dedicated to providing the highest quality dry eye products.  Each product is selected for quality, safety and effectiveness to provide the top treatments available for dry eye disease and its symptoms.

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All of our products go through a rigorous selection process by our Optometrist to ensure they are premium offerings in their respective category.

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Our product offerings are carefully selected for treating a range of dry eye symptoms and causes. We do believe maintaining regular eye health exams with an eye care professional is part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Dry Eye Therapy was created by Dr. Jeff Sciberras – a dedicated eye care professional within the Canadian optometry field. After seeing the prevalence and impact of dry eye on the population, and the increasing use and detriment to eye comfort with growing digital device use, Dr. Sciberras was inspired to start as an information portal and trusted source of premium dry eye therapies. Routine eye health assessments should be part of any eye care regimen.

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