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Dry Eye Therapies

Dry Eye Kit Recommendations

We have prepared a set of dry eye kits, based solely on the score obtained from your dry eye survey.  Click the button below to begin the survey and get your dry eye score.

Early Relief Kit

Dry Eye Score:


The Relief Kit, ideal for patients with mild symptoms, contains a warm/cold eye compress, Lid N’ Lash hygienic lid wipes and preservative free I-Drop Pur Gel lubricant drops.

Blepharitis + Dry Eye Relief Kit

Dry Eye Score:


The Blepharitis-Dry Eye Kit are for those patients who have additional diagnosis of blepharitis, in addition to dry eye symptoms.  Blepharitis often is seen as crusting on lash margins, reddish eyelids and/or a history of chalazions or styes. The Lid N’ Lash Plus formulation has 5% tea tree oil, effective at eradicating Demodex infestation of the lashes.

Premium Dry Eye Relief Kit

Dry Eye Score:


The ultimate, Premium Relief Kit, contains Omega-3 supplements as well. This supply will last 30 days. It is specifically packaged with I-Drop MGD, the newest and most advanced dry eye drop by I-Med Pharma. It is best at treating dry eye resulting from meibomian gland dysfunction. I-Drop MGD increases tear break up time, for longer tear film stability.

Dry Eye Therapies

Dry Eye Intensity Survey

Dry Eye Therapy